6 reviews for Thin Turbo Blades

  1. Marriott Landscapes

    Been using HH blades since April and haven’t looked back!

    Excellent value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

  2. Ben

    Great value for money. Really nice to use too! 🔥💪

  3. Landscaping Solutions Manchester LTD (verified owner)

    The best blade around for cutting porcelain paving, natural stone paving and in fact just about anything I can think of they go through everything like a hot knife through butter!

  4. Dave Carr

    Genuinely the best 4” blade I’ve used. Hardly any chips when I’m cutting outdoor porcelain and the blade lasts for ages!
    Great customer service as well

  5. Tom Lake (verified owner)

    Lot of hype about HH blades on instagram and needed a solution that meant no more chippy porcelain cuts. Went with a 9 and 5 inch turbo blade + ice blade for scoring. These turbo blades have performed really well on porcelain cuts, especially the 9 inch which use on a cordless stihl 230 with a wet cut – would only caution that performance might be affected by the grinder and/or dry cutting, although some colleagues cut dry and the consensus is that these blades are superb. Had to switch to some Ox blades, which were a local emergency option yesterday as had gone through the HH blade and got chips immediately. Recommend

  6. M.J plastering and ceramic tiling (verified owner)

    Tried many more expensive tile blades over the years ,HH blades are really good quality and leave a nice clean chip free cut

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