4 reviews for Ice Blades

  1. Homi Bharucha (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazed at what this thing can do!!! Unbelievably no chips on finished surface! Love it to bits 👍👍👍

  2. Ak tiling

    What an amazing tile blade!!!
    It gave me zero chips and a professional clean cut👌 when no other blades or products could when cutting 20mm porcelain outdoor tiles. i would highly recommend this product and will be my go to blade from now on. HH tiling what a pleasure and fantastic company Thank you!!

  3. Tom Lake (verified owner)

    There’s been lots of hype about this blade by landscapers on instagram and having been on the hunt for a solution to chippy edges when cutting porcelain, decided to take the plunge. There’s no doubt this blade is a superb solution to score cut lines on porcelain. No chips at all on lots of porcelain cuts over last 2 months and also a great blade for tidying up edges post cut and on those niggly little right angle cut outs

  4. Sean corrigan

    The ice blade genuinely slices through Italian porcelain like butter,with no water.
    Will be stocking up soon!!

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