3 reviews for Hand pads & Polishing pads

  1. Justin Himpson

    The Velcro polishing pads are really good, the grading is perfect, very thick pads making them very long lasting, gives a great finish. highly recommend

  2. Darren williams (verified owner)

    I bought the 50g hand pads. Perfect for a quick polish after a cut. Saves me setting up the polisher if I’m on my cutting a few.

  3. Tom Lake (verified owner)

    Bought a 100 grit diamond hand pad to tidy up some cut edges on some cream porcelain from London Stone that was a wee but chippy when my colleague insisted on using the 4 inch Ox blades 🧐(note the 9 inch HH turbo and 5 inch blades cut like butter through the slabs)
    For £16 that was a superb buy, really calmed down the chips and only took a few rubs to sand down. Highly recommend

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